Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome to Ben's Movie Round-Up!

Over the years I've amassed a rather large DVD collection. Some of these movies I watch rather regularly, others I rarely watch1. In an effort to watch all of my DVDs, I've decided to start this blog.

I have laid out a few rules for myself in the process:

1. I must watch my the movies in alphabetical order.
2. I am allowed to skip ahead up to five titles if I'm not in the mood for the current title. I cannot move beyond those five until I've watched the "current" title.
3. I may watch/post about series as a single entry rather than individually.
4. I may also post about movies I have seen in theaters but do not own.
5. I do not have to post about my VHS collection, though I may if I choose.
6. I will not cover my TV on DVD.

I think this covers my list of rules I've created for myself. I encourage you to join in with me, they're almost entirely available for rental somewhere. I have some great movies, and I have some terrible movies, but I hope to give each a fair treatment as well as explain why I felt that they belong in my movie collection.

1. In rare cases, I have purchased DVDs that I have never watched. I say rare, but really it's more common than I'd probably like to admit.

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