Friday, September 5, 2008

Batman Begins (2005)

Though I own a couple Batman films on VHS,1 to this point I only own Batman Begins on DVD. I loaned my copy to my coworker, so I've been unable to watch it in accordance to the rules laid out in the beginning of this blog.

Batman Begins is a brilliant relaunch of the Batman franchise. Christian Bale does a great job as the caped crusader. Though British, he manages to pull off the part of Bruce Wayne and the Bat with great finesse. This movie is also fun because we see a hero in the making, not just someone has already been established. There's an element of realism throughout the film.

Batman Begins Poster
Liam Neeson's portrayl as Ra's al Ghul is fairly good. With the failure of a "show the body" there's also the potential that he'll return in future films, just as al Ghul is frequently portrayed as an immortal. Sir Michael Caine also does a great job as Alfred Pennyworth, even though I do still enjoy Michael Gough's portrayal in the two Burton and two Schumacher films.

I've watched Batman Begins several times recently in anticipation of its sequel. It definitely lives up to repeated viewings and is a great action and superhero flick.

1. Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

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