Monday, September 8, 2008

Bulletproof Monk (2003)

Chow Yun-Fat, Seann William Scott, Bulletproof Monk
Bulletproof Monk opens with a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, an image that is symbollic through the film. We then see Chow Yun-Fat as a Tibetan monk fighting his master. It is revealed that he has completed his training and will now take on an ancient duty of protecting a scroll of that would give the reader knowledge to become the most powerful being. We then flash forward approximately 60 years (five times the year of the horse) and Chow Yun-Fat hasn't aged a day. He is following a young thief played by Seann William Scott who he believes will be the next person to guard the secret scroll, and who will eventually emerge from his own cocoon.

The movie offers a wide variety to offer the audience. It has humor, action, and even Nazis as the bad guys!1 Some of the special effects could have been directed a bit better. When I saw the trailer for this movie with a group of friends our response was "Matrix did it!" But if one looks past the fact that other action movies like The Matrix or Chow Yun-Fat's own Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon have better special effects, then the film can still be enjoyable. It's a light action movie that's generally unoffensive.

Seann William Scott, Bulletproof Monk
This movie also contains the same sort of handsome comic relief that Blade: Trinity had with Ryan Reynolds. Seann William Scott also played a similar role in The Rundown which was also released in 2003 and that I will review later. The difference is that in this role he actually knows how to fight rather well, having learned from watching a great deal of Kung-fu movies at the movie theater where he works.

If you're in the mood for a light action movie that has some good effects and chuckle-able humor, then I'd suggest checking out Bulletproof Monk.

Seann William Scott, Jaime King, Chow Yun-Fat, Bulletproof Monk
1. Man! I hate Nazis!

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