Friday, May 22, 2009

A Chorus Line (1985)

A Chorus Line
A Chorus Line is the film that derailed this project/blog in October. That, and school getting back into full swing. That said, A Chorus Line is a musical that I tend to enjoy the songs from much more than the actual plot itself. This could largely be because the plot is fairly basic: a bunch of nobody's are hoping to be somebody by auditioning for the chorus line (i.e., background players) in a Broadway musical. There's a subplot where a former star is hoping to get her life back on track by auditioning again, but her former relationship with the director causes some drama. The plot though is really just a mechanism for each character to sing about how they hope they can make it, why they haven't made it, and why they love what they do, and really that's the only reason to see the movie.

Michael Douglas, A Chorus Line
There are quite a few really good songs in this movie that I enjoy more than others. My favorite songs are probably "Sing!" about a woman who can't sing, "Nothing" about a woman who can't act like her acting coach wants, and "Dance: Ten; Looks: Three" about a woman who has many doors opened to her after getting plastic surgery. These songs are really about failure, but contain a good deal of humor and speak to the indomitable spirit of the performers in their quest for fame.

This movie found a place in my DVD library because it came in a pack of other musicals. I recommend it for those who enjoy the songs, but the plot created to move through the songs leaves something to be desired.

A Chorus Line, One

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